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17 June 2022

Managing brands in inflationary times 

In price sensitive, anxiety-making period of inflation and the rising cost of living, does your brand have a strategy for everything from pricing to customer loyalty?

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27 April 2022

A tarnished reputation: why The Oscars are no longer golden

The handling of Will Smith’s outburst by The Academy, is a lesson for all organisations in brand value and living by brand values.

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29 March 2022

Can Coke change the course of history?

If you ever questioned the power of brand value, take a look at what's happening in Russia, where brands are exiting to send a powerful message.

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16 February 2022

We can learn a lot from Her Majesty about brand management

This month marks the beginning of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, and with it we can reflect on an excellent example of leadership, and brand management.

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31 January 2022

Why your brand matters in the face of a skills shortage

How can companies make sure they attract and keep the best of the best talent? The key is in your brand value.

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04 January 2022

How important are your people to your brand?

Good team members are the guardians of your brand, making it equally important to communicate your values to them authentically.

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01 December 2021

“Oh! It’s Covid you know” – it’s time to stop blaming the pandemic

We all know and accept that the pandemic has resulted in both short and long-term difficulties for businesses but the Covid excuse is wearing thin.

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09 September 2021

What makes you stand out from the competition? 

Brand value is arguably the most important intangible asset that a company has, so it should always be the focus of Board members, CEOs and shareholders.

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03 August 2021

A City built on coffee and conversations

The phrase ’my word is my bond’, the historic basis of writing business in the City, arose because people met, knew and trusted each other. There is a place for Zoom meetings in The City of London, but there’s also a heritage of personal interaction in this business community whose strength cannot be underestimated.

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19 July 2021

Anxiety, logistics and fitting back into our suits. It’s time to return to the City – but how?

For all the hybrid models, face masks and hand sanitisers, how do business handle the anxiety and feelings around returning to the office in The City of London?

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21 June 2021

City tradition is the launchpad for building back better

As the City elects its two new Sheriffs this week, it's an opportunity to reflect on how tradition is a key instrument in the future of its community.

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02 June 2021

Being a changemaker for a better City of London

Interview with The Brokerage CEO Katerina Rudiger, about creating opportunities for young people in the City of London, through community and company culture.

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29 April 2021

Building a greener city: how the Livery can help to tackle climate change

How the City of London Corporation has undertaken its own environmental responsibility commitments in October 2020 with their Climate Action Strategy.

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19 April 2021

Remarketing The City of London: doing what we do best and marketing it to the world

If we think of the City of London as a business which we are marketing to the world, we need to rebuild trust and show how we are making the City safe.

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16 March 2021

Making space for conversations that make our city better

The City of London is filled with incredible people working to make it better for everyone - it's important that we give them a platform to share their work.

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22 February 2021

Confuse the enemy; tell them the truth!

How can brands handle the increasing likelihood of having to deal with hostile client feedback at some point, without being fearful of communicating at all?

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25 January 2021

The Financial Services Group discusses post pandemic economy, geopolitical shifts and climate change

Financial Services Group brought together an impressive panel to discuss the post pandemic economy, political shifts and the climate challenges.

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18 January 2021

The ABCs of moving forward into 2021

Businesses need to keep calm, carry on and take control of their businesses to move forward in 2021.

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19 December 2020

Reimagining The City of London as if you were a new Board of Directors

With the first vaccine roll-outs happening this month, I can’t help but think what a post-Covid London is going to look like, and how we are going to promote The City on the world stage moving forward.

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23 November 2020

To succeed in today’s climate, advertising needs to remember its purpose

The more things change, the more things stay the same – such is the truth in so many areas of work and life. However, at no time, certainly in my memory, has any industry, including advertising, experienced such accelerated change as it has this year, and yet its future seems somewhat in question. 

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15 October 2020

Is leapfrogging the new pivoting?

The new economics of Covid has forced many organisations to think both differently and quickly about the voracity of their current business proposition: what they do, how they do it and how they market it to an audience whose wants and needs have changed rapidly.

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05 October 2020

The City of London debates how Artificial Intelligence is being used to deliver economic and social good?

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to attend this year’s excellent virtual Tri-Livery Roundtable, along with 200 other interested people. Given our reliance on technology this year, the topic seemed appropriate. So much of our daily considerations around Artificial Intelligence seem to hinge on the luxuries of a talking fridge that can top up your Tesco order or applications in media and entertainment. Unusually, this was an exploration of how AI has the capacity to deliver economic and social good. As a Stationer, Past Master Marketor and Chair of the Financial Services Group of Livery Companies, of which the Information Technologists are members, you could not have found a more interested listener.

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22 September 2020

Beauty might be skin deep but brand value isn’t

When we talk about the brand value we tend to think about all the things that are client-facing or have a direct impact on the client. However, to create authentic brand value, we have to start internally, with business culture and a team who really believe in what they’re doing or selling. What we’re seeing a lot of this year however, is a seismic change in how that internal value is generated and how its effectiveness, or lack thereof, has a big impact on customer experience and consequently customer retention.

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18 August 2020

What do you have that other people want?

Businesses seem to have fallen into three categories over the last few months. There are those whose marketing departments seem to have adopted radio silence, there are those who have put information out on the pretext of being helpful but have shown in their follow through that it’s only skin deep. Then there have been those who have put information out and been transparent about how they are handling things – even when it’s hard. They have shown they care about their customers and do not take them for granted. Bravo!

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21 July 2020

The power of freedom and the privilege of responsibility

Earlier this month, America celebrated Independence Day for the 244th time. The 4th July is held dear amongst Americans for its commemoration of one of the things we treasure most: freedom.

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23 June 2020

Grief cycles and dragons: how do we move forward?

“. . . gentleness is stronger than severity, water is stronger than rock, love is stronger than force.” Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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18 May 2020

Wanted: Positive wizards! Our responsibilities as communicators

The power of narrative is profound. Communications are a vital element of the area I have worked in for a long time, and I know that they can be the difference between the success and failure of ideas and situations. Unfortunately, at a time when it seems we should all be working towards collective, positive goals, it doesn’t feel as though those with the most powerful platforms for commentary are using them for the common good.

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25 April 2020

We are a nation of volunteers

Volunteering, and doing the right thing by our fellow man, is at the heart of British national identity. We have seen it at its tangible best recently in the rallying behind the NHS, as well as one another, as we seek to find a path through the current health crisis.

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26 March 2020

Shipwrecks happen today as well – but we can take a moment to consider our actions to change the outcome

Earlier this year, I was privileged enough to go on the trip of a lifetime – I went to Antarctica. In all ways, both devastating and euphoric, it was overwhelming. However, in that I think we can find, if not answers to current circumstances, at least a guide for how we might best behave, both individually and as a community.

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27 February 2020

Nurturing new commercial opportunities for the City in a post-Brexit world

Exploring new commercial opportunities for the City, and the UK as a whole, around the world has taken on new meaning and possibility in a post-Brexit world. It’s a new frontier that the FSG (Financial Services Group of Livery Companies), of which I am Chair, is in an important position to nurture, not only in uncovering opportunities for our larger businesses, but also taking the foundation steps for our SMEs in the City to build upon as well.

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25 July 2018

Attracting Young Graduates To The City

I’m very passionate about attracting young graduate talent to the City and providing opportunities for them to gain valuable experience. This is so important as they will be the managers and leaders of the future.

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12 June 2018

The Institute of Export Academic Awards 2018

The Institute of Export’s mission is to enhance the export performance of the United Kingdom. It is setting and maintaining professional standards in international trade management and export practice. The IOE achives this by the provision of qualifications, training and practical support.

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28 May 2018

The 2018 Brigantes Breakfast

The Brigantes events are held in the North of England. They are ever popular and supported not only by Liverymen of North England but across the UK as well. The Royal Armouries Leeds for Brigantes Breakfast was held in Leeds on Friday 25 May.

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21 May 2018

The Bank Junction Experiment And The Future Plan For Cheapside

I was pleased to host a breakfast with Christopher Hayward at the Members Dining Room, Guildhall, London on Friday, May 18th – as well as with many concerned individuals from the Ward of Cheap. The focus of the breakfast was the Bank Junction experiment and the future plan for Cheapside.

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16 May 2018

The Reflections of The Lord Mayor

The Reflections of The Lord Mayor event was founded by Christopher Seow. The main goal is to celebrate the achievements of past Lord Mayors of the City of London. The event also raises funds for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal charities.

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30 March 2018

GDPR Seminar Stimulates Lively Debate Amongst Livery Companies At Guildhall

Despite Arctic weather conditions outside, a seminar on the imminent enforceability of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was held at the historic Goldsmiths’ Hall in the heart of the City attended by the Clerks from 101 Livery Companies.

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07 February 2018

Livery Companies explained

Back in 2016, while I was a Master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors, I was asked to give a short explanation about what Livery company is.

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26 January 2018

GDPR is coming – ready or not.

GDPR is coming. At the end of this month, the European Commission will begin its PR and marketing campaign intending to remind 500 M citizens of their right to seek information from anyone processing their personal data.


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10 April 2023

@CityandLivery @citymuso Better ask St Paul…

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05 April 2023

@LiveryWales @CityandLivery Congratulations all, and have a wonderful year.

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17 March 2023

Temple Bar is an astonishing survivor with an amazing history. Now restored with the help of other patrons and live…

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16 March 2023

Lovely to be able to give members of the Farringdon Ward Club a tour of the wonderful Old Bailey. #CityofLondon…

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16 March 2023

@CityandLivery It is of course ‘ A wisdom’ of Past Masters!